Africa Beyond Aid II

The meeting follows the conference ‘Africa beyond Aid I’,which examined the role of development aid in an African context. It will specifically focus on the following question: Is the aid-development paradigm correct for Africa and its partners?


If appropriate aid exit strategies are to be devised, it is necessary to understand, first, what the binding constraints to development are on country-by-country and sector-by-sector basis. This requires, of course, an understanding about the basis of the economy/political-economy in each country case-study.

Such an analysis of binding constraints should ascertain answers to the following sets of factors:

Reputational: Depend on change and communication

Substantive and common:

- Domestic and crossborder infrastructure

- better skills and education programmes

- institutional capacity development

- macro-economic policy fundamentals

- human security

- better governance, democracy – accountability and transparency

- facilitative attitude to entrepreneurship and business

What are those constraints inhibiting economic growth-in each country, leading to more widespread employment and effective poverty reduction?

A second aspect to further analysis (part-and-parcel of the studies above) would then be to examine the ‘how’ question – how aid might better be expended in terms of the:

- Relationship with private sector

- PPS – esp. in infrastructure

- NGOs – foreign and local

- Budget support

- Trade access – or trade facilitation capacity

- Technology facilitation

- Institutional relationship with recipients; and institutional

structure of donors

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