Europe’s Digital Innovation Policy: Horizon 2020 Midterm review and outlook to FP9

Think Digital series - session #2.1

This year-long series is our platform to discuss the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation for the European economy and society.



Public R&D and Innovation funding programmes and more specifically Horizon 2020 play an essential role for Europe’s future and global competitiveness. Horizon 2020 and its predecessors were set up to meet the long-term objectives of Europe 2020 and its ‘Innovation Union’ strategy, part of the ‘Digital Agenda’ of the European Commission. In light of the current debate on how to maximise the impact of research and innovation programmes in Europe, this workshop will present views of H2020 beneficiaries and decision makers from the European Commission and European Parliament. It will assess the first half of H2020 and propose recommendations for the remaining 2018 to 2020 timeframe while also providing a first outlook to FP9. The workshop will also consider the latest developments and trends, such as digitalisation, big and small data, artificial intelligence and cyber security. How can EU policy makers ensure that Europe remains a global leader in R&D and Innovation in this ever more digital context?


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Siemens AG EU Representation Office


  • Kurt Vandenberghe (Director DG RTD
    • European Commission)
      • Christian Ehler (MEP)
        • Muriel Attané (Secretary-General
          • EARTO)
            • Eddy Roelants (VP R&D
              • Innovation&IPR Policy
                • Siemens)

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