Event Review: KAS BDI Trade III

The Future EU-US Trade Relations




🇪🇺🤝🇺🇸 Recent discussions at our last KAS-BDI Trade Lunch for 2023 last week, emphasized the shared commitment to an even closer cooperation highlighted during the recent EU-US Summit. While occasional tensions persist, global shifts stress the need for a united strategic partnership. Closer collaboration on crucial issues like geopolitical disruptions, future trade relations with China, and the evolution of trade agreements is essential.
🗳️Looking ahead to the upcoming US and European elections, our panel pondered how the results might shape future EU-US trade relations. The discussion delved into the Inflation Reduction Act, its interaction with trade policies, and the EU quest for more predictability in US politics. Despite shared goals, diverse approaches may emerge. US's desire to reform the WTO and the critique of the Most Favoured Nation principle where also discussed. Nonetheless, it was stressed that the US remains a crucial partner for the EU, and vice versa.
🗣️ The upcoming Trade and Technology Council (TTC) will further explore 2024's priorities for EU-US cooperation. This forum remains pivotal for aligning transatlantic approaches to global trade, economics, and technology issues, though past meetings lacked notable progress.
A heartfelt thanks to our insightful panelists, Matthias Jørgensen from DG Trade, Micol Bertolini from AmCham EU and Rufino Hurtado from the U.S. Mission to the EU. A special thanks to moderator Matthias Kraemer from the BDI - Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V. for navigating these trade dynamics! Stay tuned for more enriching discussions in 2024!


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  • Matthias Jørgensen
    • DG Trade
  • Micol Bertolini
    • AmCham EU
  • Rufino Hutardo
    • U.S. Mission to the EU

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