Think Digital!

Innovative and Competitive Businesses: Europe needs digital skills

This year-long series is our platform to discuss the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation for the European economy and society. Join us for our 5th session!



Digital transformation is changing the way business operates. The automatization of processes and the emergence of Internet-powered services affect the way we work. Digital skills are not only a requirement for ICT jobs. Businesses in all sectors and of all sizes need tech-savvy people to compete, innovate and reap the benefits of digital. Europe needs to fill the digital skills gap to ensure today’s workforce has the necessary tools to employ existing technologies - and to create the workforce of tomorrow. Businesses and the public sector must be equally involved in this process. Hence, this workshop session highlights the importance of ICT skills and takes stock of current policy tools that are installed by the EU supporting the digital transformation of companies. Furthermore, this workshop intends to present best practices of digital education, entrepreneurship, and re-skilling workforce strategies, which are particularly adopted by SMEs.


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Google Brussels, Chaussée d'Etterbeek 176-180, B-1040 Brussels


  • Siegfried Mureșan (Member of European Parliament)
    • André Richier (DG Growth European Commission)
      • Ute Poerschke (CEO Elschukom GmbH)
        • Daniel Haglage (CEO Makeke GmbH)

          Kai Zenner



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