India's Energy Security - Foreign, Trade and Security Policy Contexts

Proceedings of a Conference jointly organized by TERI and KAF


Special Address by Joachim Pfeiffer

I. The Politics and Calculus of India's Energy Choices

Contextualizing India's Energy Security

Ligia Noronha

Energy Choices in India's Energy Strategies

Surya Sethi

On the Political Economy of India's Energy Policy:

One Citizens Viewpoint

Subroto Roy


II. Energy Securing Strategies: Trade Issues

Trading in World Energy Markets

Joseph Massey

Energy and Trade Markets: European Perspective

Klaus-Jürgen Hedrich


III. Energy Securing Strategies: Geopolitical and Security Issues

Geopolitics of Energy: A German and European View

Heinrich Kreft

Energy Security and Indian Foreign Policy: Ten Propositions

C. Raja Mohan

Import of Natural Gas by Pipeline

R.K. Batra

Security of Maritime Energy Lifelines: Imperatives & Policy Options

Gurpreet Singh Khurana


IV. Learning from the East

Energy and Security Linkages in China

Xia Yishan

Japan's Approach to Securing Energy

Tsutomu Toichi


V. Engaging Asia

India-China Energy Cooperation

Sudha Mahalingam

Geopolitics of West Asian and Central Asian Oil & Gas:

Implications for India's Energy Security

Talmiz Ahmad


Panel: Living with Various Degrees of Energy Insecurity

Remarks by Joachim Pfeiffer

Remarks by Talmiz Ahmad

Remarks by Manish Tewari

Remarks by Tsutomu Toichi

Remarks by Subroto Roy