Circular Economy in the Mekong Region

von Chheang Vannarith, H.E. Vireak Sim, Dr. Keo Piseth, Dr. Chheng Kimlong

Mekong Connect ,Volume 5, Issue 1, September 2023

Welcome to Volume 5 Issue 1/2023 of the Mekong Connect Magazine, a joint publication between the Asian Vision Institute (AVI) and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) Cambodia Office.


The magazine publication aims to provide access to a wider audience who wishes to gain a better understanding of a wide range of key issues facing Mekong countries, including public health, climate change, trade and economy, food security, poverty and development, digitalization, peace and security, and international cooperation.


Together with our partner, we chose the theme of “Circular Economy in the Mekong Region” for Volume 5, Issue 1/2023, comprises seven analytical articles that offer insights into the specific processes, challenges, policies, and progress toward sustainable development and circular economy.

The first article provides perspectives on the significance of the ASEAN Green Deal for the Southeast Asian region. It is followed by three articles which examine the contexts, challenges, policies, actions, and progress of the circular economy in Cambodia. The fifth article provides an overview of the circular economy in Thailand. The remaining articles examine specific aspects of the circular economy in Cambodia. One of them focuses on Agri-SME in the circular economy. The other focuses on using Blockchain technology in waste management in Phnom Penh City. We hope these insights will be useful for policymakers, researchers, development partners, and general readers to gain perspectives about the circular economy in the Mekong region. In addition to the insights, the authors have provided some practical policy recommendations, which encourage more robust debates and further studies to be conducted to provide more enriched analysis.