Dialogue Programme: “A Neglected Story - The Legacy of Splitting the Atom”

von Benedikt Zanzinger

First Study Programme 2021-2022

After having taken part in six seminars on nuclear safety, 22 participants from 13 countries completed the Dialogue Programme "A Neglected Story - The Legacy of Splitting the Atom" with a final event on 3rd to 7th July in Vienna.


As the last part of the seminar series, the participants came together to conclude their study programme in Vienna.

In the last nine months the Multilateral Dialogue KAS in Vienna and Atomic Reporters have jointly organised the online seminar series on “A Neglected Story - The Legacy of Splitting the Atom”. As a concluding event, young professionals from around the world who were eager to learn about the history, opportunities and risks of using nuclear materials, participated in the Dialogue Programme of the Study Programme 2021/22. Besides key issues of nuclear arms control, non-proliferation and disarmament, the aim of the Dialogue Programme was to present Vienna based institutions for research and verification of the use of nuclear material such as the IAEA and the CTBTO.



Benedikt Zanzinger

Portrait Benedikt Zanzinger

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