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Reality Check Series on Demography - 'A Looming Demographic Dividend or Disaster?'

We are delighted to present our latest thought-provoking analysis, delving into the rapidly changing population and age structure of Uganda, titled 'A Looming Demographic Dividend or Disaster?', this series engages in critical dialogues surrounding the profound implications of Uganda's evolving demographic landscape with propositions of a possible demographic dividend that have featured prominently, especially in the public sector circles.


Uganda's changing demographic structure, characterized by rapid population growth, a youthful population, urbanization, regional disparities, health challenges, and gender dynamics, has significant implications for the country's development. Addressing these challenges requires strategic policies and investments in education, healthcare, infrastructure, job creation, and equitable development to harness the potential of Uganda's demographic dividend and ensure sustainable and inclusive development.

With a population boom on the horizon, demographics will inevitably affect Uganda’s development path over the coming decades.   There are underlying dynamics that are affecting young people everywhere – changes in demographics and technology, economics and politics that are bringing together this unique moment in history. Young people are at the heart of today’s great strategic opportunities and challenges.

Contrary to typical policy papers, this publication does not aim to provide a battery of recommendations that policymakers could consider, it aims to stimulate a policy debate on key questions. What strategies should be adopted to address gender disparities in access to education, healthcare, and employment, and how can these strategies contribute to overall development? What sectors of the economy should be prioritized to create job opportunities for the growing youth population, and how can these sectors be developed to absorb this bulging workforce?

Join us in the endeavor to foster thoughtful discussions, reshape policies, and steer Uganda towards a future that optimally harnesses its demographic dynamics for enduring progress.



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Die Serie analysiert politische, soziale und wirtschaftliche Themen der politischen Tagesordnung Ugandas und unterzieht sie einer kritischen Untersuchung. Reality Check wird in Kooperation mit dem Centre for Development Alternatives veröffentlicht.