Training workshop for District Political Party Leaders in Arua District from 12th-13th September 2011


Foundation for African Development (FAD) designed a training program on strengthening the capacity of political party leaders on methods of communication and institutionalising ethical standards with the aim of enabling the newly elected District Political party leaders to improve on methods of communication and promote openness, accountability and accessibility.

The topics that were covered during the training workshop included party functions, internal party democracy, party unity, attributes and strategies of political parties and party organisation. This training workshop took place from 12th - 13th September 2011.

The main political parties with grass root structures that were represented included the Democratic Party (DP), Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), National Resistance Movement (NRM) and Uganda People’s Congress (UPC). A total of twenty two participants attended the training workshop with many of them in leadership positions within their parties.

During the discussions, party leaders were able to share their major challenges that hinder them from exercising internal party democracy and unanimously agreed to engage in dialogue to strengthen their ability to build grass root structures and improve party operations. The major challenges pointed out were the lack of transparency and accountability, ineffective communication and inadequate finances to facilitate party activities and programs. The workshop closed on the 13th September 2011.

Foundation for African Development (FAD) is applauded for contributing to capacity building of the various political parties and is encouraged to take these workshops to the various districts.