The Climate-Trade-Development Nexus: Pathways Towards Transatlantic Cooperation

von Max Gruenig, Danny Skull
Trade, climate and development are too often regarded in distinct silos. Reality is, however, that policies and politics in any of these areas have a direct and indirect impact on each other. This study explores their interconnectivity and how each discipline could contribute to mitigate climate change while at the same time further trade and development opportunities.


The authors conclude that "it has become clear that the EU and US bear a significant amount of responsibility for taking initiative, inspire through leadership and bring others to follow their lead on aligning climate, trade and development. This implies not only having a transatlantic conversation between those responsible for trade – United States Trade Representative (USTR) and Directorate General for Trade (DG TRADE) – but also their counterparts for climate and development."

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Jeanene Lairo