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Partidos Políticos: Um Enfoque Transdisciplinar

This book addresses the main issues about party democracy, the relationship between parties and the electoral systems and some perspectives on the future of political parties.

The book "Political Parties: A Transdisciplinary Approach", published in 2015 by the German publisher Nomos Verlag, was first translated to Portuguese by KAS Brazil, with the support of several local partners: PUCRS Publishing Company, the Center for European and German Studies (CDEA) of the Graduate Program in Political Science and the Center for Studies on Parties and Democracy of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). The book was organized by researchers from the Research Institute for German and International Party Law and Political Parties (PRuF). The translation is the result of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation's commitment to the dissemination of content that is essential to the democratic practice, with the aim of strengthening representative democracies. In face of a context of scarcity of publications on party studies in Portuguese, the chapters cover a variety of topics. From perspectives on the development and current state of research on political parties to dimensions of party democracy, the integrative function of parties, party law, and the relation between parties and electoral systems and the future of parties. We wish you all a great read!
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Ariane Costa

Ariane Costa

Project Coordinator for Political Education