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Democracy and Anti-Corruption Public Policies

by Luiz Gustavo Carlos
Virtual course held in partnership with Transparency International

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In the week of July, 3, a Democracy and Anti-Corruption Public Policies course was held in partnership with Transparency International. The objective of the course was to train journalists, activists, and members of civil society organizations to understand and act on public policies with positive and direct effects on both democratic improvement and corruption control in Brazil. The course included a module that emphasized trends in the transformation of democracy in the world and the national scenario and a module on Brazil's anti-corruption public policies.

The course had a record number of registrations, with more than 1,000 people interested in debating one of the most relevant topics for the current Brazilian context. Among the registrants, 100 participants from different organizations were selected to build a diverse class - with journalists, activists, civil society representatives, and civil servants, in addition to the geographical representation of all regions of the country. The types took place during the mornings and had an engaged participation, with many moments of dialog and interaction among the participants.

The classes dealt with different actors of Brazilian democratic institutions, such as the judiciary, the legislature, and political parties. The students were trained to follow up, monitor and regulate national public policies to control corruption and strengthen the Democratic Rule of Law.

The project is part of the series of courses started in 2020, with the aim of training, fostering, and integrating new specialists for the Anti-Corruption Studies and Practices Network, a network of specialists focused on the broad and plural debate on the theme of combating corruption in Brazil and the world.

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Luiz Gustavo Carlos

Luiz Carlos KAS

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