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NATO Anniversary 2024 – 75 Years of Collective Defence

The stakes are high before the Alliance’s anniversary summit from 9 to 11 July in Washington D.C. - what is now required of the member states

75 years after its foundation, NATO is facing an unprecedented series of challenges. The global security landscape is changing rapidly - from the ongoing war in Ukraine to crucial elections on both sides of the Atlantic. The summit in Washington D.C. will not only be a celebration of the past, but also a crucial landmark for the future direction of the Alliance.

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In its 75th year of existence, NATO is navigating one of the most complex geopolitical environments in its history. The " Monitor Security " provides an in-depth analysis of the multi-layered challenges facing the Alliance - from the serious situation in Ukraine to the upcoming transatlantic elections, which will set the tone for the Alliance's future direction. A particular focus lies on the need for increased defence capabilities and the achievement of the two percent defence spending target by member states in order to maintain a credible deterrent and strengthen the international security order. 

At the same time, the report emphasises the importance of a united stance against systemic threats such as China and the relevance of adapting to new security threats, including in the cyber and space dimension. NATO member states face the challenge of harmonising their defence efforts to achieve both short-term and long-term security objectives. This includes increased burden-sharing and closer co-operation within the Alliance and with strategic partners.

The upcoming summit in Washington D.C. represents a critical opportunity to demonstrate unity and determination to deter security threats. The Monitor Security emphasises the urgency of political leadership and strategic foresight to steer the Alliance through current and future security challenges. In this pivotal year for NATO, the summit could not only be a symbol of solidarity, but also a turning point that sets the direction for the transatlantic security architecture in the years to come. 

Read the entire Monitor: "NATO anniversary 2024 - 75 years of the defence alliance" as a PDF here.  


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