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Lauching Seminar of the publication "Technology, Security and Rights"

by Luiz Gustavo Carlos

The uses and risks of facial recognition systems in Brazil

The event was attended by the authors and organisers of the publication, at IBMEC-Rio.

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The launch seminar for the publication "Technology, Security and Rights - The uses and risks of facial recognition systems in Brazil" was a great success on 30 October at the Ibmec Centro Auditorium. The event provided an in-depth analysis of the complexities surrounding the use of facial recognition systems in Brazil, as well as the distinct range of disciplines that encompass the proposed theme.

The publication, organised by Dr Eleonora Ceia, a professor at Ibmec, and Dr Daniel Elder NEV-USP, with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, was the centrepiece of these discussions, which prompted essential reflections on the interaction between technology, security and individual rights.

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Luiz Gustavo Carlos

Luiz Carlos KAS

Project Coordinator +55 21 2220 5441 +55 21 2220 5448
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October 9, 2023
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