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Political Capacity Building Workshop for Young People

by Ariane Costa

Workshop held in Rio de Janeiro in partnership between KAS Brazil and PSDB Youth

KAS Brasil in partnership with the PSDB Youth of the State of Rio de Janeiro organized an enriching Political Training Workshop that brought together 20 politically and academically engaged young leaders.

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The aim of the event was to promote the theoretical and intellectual development of the participants, as well as to encourage cooperation and unity among the attendees.

Several intellectuals and political leaders, such as sociologist and PSDB State President Aspásia Camargo, Professors Graziella Guiotti (FGV) and Daniel Souza (Ibmec) and André Coelho (Unirio), participated of the event that was led by Ariane Costa, Internationalist and Project Coordinator at KAS Brazil, alongside Bruno Marcondes, Political Scientist and State President of JPSDB Rio de Janeiro.

The goal of the immersion course was to provide participants with theoretical training, exploring themes such as strengthening democracy, internal party organization, the formation, and scenarios for the development of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

The course, which took place over two days in the city of Rio de Janeiro, was divided into four thematic panels and aimed to be not only educational, but also a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences, contributing to the strengthening of the youth and its performance on the national and state political scene.

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Ariane Costa

Ariane Costa KAS

Project Coordinator


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