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Parliamentary Elections in Jordan-Future Scenarios

by Al-Quds Center for Political Studies

Policy Paper

Following the workshop "Parliamentary Election in Jordan - Future Scenarios" conducted with our Partner Al-Quds Center for Political Studies, a policy paper was published for a more in-depth examination and analysis of the subject. The policy paper is only availabe in Arabic.
Policy Paper - Parliamentary Elections in Jordan-Future Scenarios download The Corona-virus pandemic has divided public opinion on the timing of the parliamentary elections, some have argued it is not the right time to conduct the election on its constitutional date due to public health reasons. Others, suggested to expand the mandate of the 18th parliament (the current one) for another one to two years. In general, public opinion lacks interest and confidence in the elections and the performance of the legislative branch, especially during the pandemic. The divide on the timing of the elections is part of a broader divide on whether Jordan needs a transformation to a more democratic, inclusive and participatory society in order to be able to face domestic and regional challenges, or to adopt an even more centralized approach. Some argue a big challenge for reform, democracy and human rights in the near future is the fact that during times of crisis, as now, confidence in the performance of the military and security forces is much higher than in the civil branch. This paper will discuss the upcoming scenarios for the parliamentary elections in Jordan in the midst of an ongoing public debatte. This paper aims to deepen the publicĀ“s understanding and to raise their awareness on this crucial issue, the paper will be electronically distributed to activists, decision makers and other stakeholders.
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