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Young Voices: Jordanian Youth in Public Policy Making 2020

This publication compiles six policy papers written by young professionals who were part of an extensive training project that focused on writing policy papers and policy making on Human Security Issues jointly coordinated with the WANA Institute. The publication is available in English only.
In 2020, KAS and WANA Institute launched a joint project titled: “Jordan-EU Dialogue on Human Security Issues.” The project sought to engage with and train young Jordanian experts and professionals from diverse backgrounds to produce  and present public policy papers to Jordanian and international stakeholders, including  the Jordanian government and EU representatives. In total, six policy papers were produced and presented during a national roundtable of relevant stakeholders, which took place in Amman on 30th November 2020.
In essence, the project was set in motion to achieve the goal of addressing the public policy-making gaps in Jordan and enhancing Jordan-EU dialogue. This was achieved by devising policy recommendations and solutions to issues of relevance to the “Jordan-EU Dialogue on Human Security Issues” framework.

Bayan Al-Halawani