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Jordan-EU Dialogue on Human Security Issues

Roundtable Discussion to present Public Policy Papers on Jordanian-European Human Security Issues

Young Jordanian experts, and professionals from diverse backgrounds will present public policy papers to Jordanian and international stakeholders including government representatives and possible EU representatives.

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This roundtable discussion is connected to the workshop titled: “ Formulating Public Policy Papers to Enhance JOR-EU Human Security Cooperation “, where the participants were trained to produce a public policy paper. The aim of this roundtable is to raise awareness on the issues of importance and priority that Jordan should address in 2020, from a non-governmental perspective, cementing the culture of informing and enhancing exchange of knowledge that is able to influence public policies in Jordan and how to enhance the dialogue between the European Union and Jordan on human security issues. 

Article about the roundtable in the Jordan Times.

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Bayan Al-Halawani

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