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Jordan: The Next Chapter

Policy Paper Series

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Jordan. The next chapter – أفكار أردنية

As Jordan is entering its second century, KAS Jordan Office is launching a new publication series to provide space for discussion about the country's future development. Both seasoned and from the younger generation, Jordanian analysts will put forward fresh ideas about how Jordan can realize its full potential and best face its domestic and international challenges ahead. 

Paper Nr. 1: Jordan at a Crossroads: Obstacles and Opportunities for Structural Reform

by: Amer Sabaileh

Amer Sabaileh writes a policy paper that focuses on Jordan's political and economic challenges, the obstacles and challenges faced and provides important recommendations for structural reform. Read more here...

Paper Nr. 2: Modernization Beyond Politics: Embracing Social Diversity in Jordan

by: Wael Al-Khatib

Wael Al-Khatib writes in his policy paper about the challenges of accepting diversity in Jordan relying on recent examples. Wael also suggests what should be done next to enhance social diversity and democratization in Jordan. Read more here...

Paper Nr. 3: The Environment and Politics in Jordan: The Need for Action

by: Sanad Al-Quran

Sanad Al-Quran writes a policy paper that focuses on numerous environmental challenges Jordan faces today ranging from water scarcity to air pollution. Read more here...

Paper Nr. 4: Jordan's Mediation Leverage in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Making Use of the Regional Momentum

by: Farah Bdour

Farah Bdour writes a policy paper that focuses on Jordan's role as a mediator to sustain the viability of the two-state solution in light of new regional shifts and cooperation. Read more here...

Paper Nr. 5: Politics & Beyond: A Need for a Holistic to Empower Women

by: Suha Maayeh

In this paper, Suha Ma’ayeh discusses the legal, social and economic barriers that hinder the participation of Jordanian women in politics. She also argues that it is important to look beyond the modest measures designed to increase the political representation of women. Read more here...

KAS-Jordan Student Fellowship
Established in 2021, the KAS Jordan Student Fellowship aims to strengthen young Jordanian political analysts. The program is designed to advance Graduate students research and writing skills, equip them with the proper analytical tools and support their professional development. In the following chapter, some of the fellows present policy papers that express their perspectives on how Jordan can face challenges ahead.

Paper Nr. 1: Institutionalization of Political Parties in Jordan
By: Almuntaser Bluwi

Almuntaser writes a policy paper that discusses the significance of party institutionalization and presents policy insights and recommendations based on a pilot assessment of political parties in Jordan. Read more here...

Paper Nr. 2: Better Balance between State Authorities - a Priority for Reform in Jordan

By Mais Abdelhaleem

Mais writes a policy paper that explores the history of political reform in Jordan, highlighting key challenges. Read more here...

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