Event Reports

“Civic Education (Foundations of Democracy)”

Training Workshop for Teachers, October 10, 17, 24 & 31 .2009

A Workshop series headed by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Amman office and the Jordanian Center for Civic Education.The Jordanian Center for Civic Education Studies (JCCES) signed an agreement of cooperation in 2008 with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Amman to carry out 3 workshop series of civic education workshops in 2009, at the Jordanian Center for Civic Education, Amman office. The workshops are tailored for university students and newly graduated teachers from the Ministry of Education.

Following the first workshops for University Students, which were held from 17. to 18. and from 24. to 25. April 2009. The JCCES conducted the second 4 days workshop for newly graduated teachers of grades 1-10, on October 10., 17., 24. and 31.2009 under the direction of Mrs. Mona Al Alami, Director of the Jordanian Center for Civic Education, Amman office.

The workshop focused on the social studies curriculum of all grade levels which the ministry of education is seeking to upgrade in order to provide students with the basics for understanding their cultures, rule of law, constitutional rights, human rights and the importance of active participation in their civil societies.

Mr. Mahmoud Fandi Al Abdullah from the Ministry of Education / Jordan trained 20-25 new graduated teachers from private schools and two teachers from the Ministry of Education schools on the concepts of Civic Education (Foundations of Democracy) with the assistance of Mr. Majdy Ghazal.

The objective of this workshop was to train teachers on the concept of Project Citizens and Foundation of Democracy and how to incorporate these issues into their daily lessons.

The JCCES maintains an ongoing agreement with the Ministry of Education to train teachers and to implement civic education concepts in schools. It continues to expand its efforts in promoting and increasing civic education activities, including training of teachers in order to strengthen the teaching knowledge of the new generation of graduated teachers on how to use civic education in the teaching process.

Therefore the training of new teachers has become a vital aspect in supporting the education curriculum while adding extra-curricular activities to enhance democratic concepts.

At the end of the second workshop teachers should return to their respective schools and start implementing the programmes into their daily lessons.

At the same time, it is expected that this will increase and improve the understanding of important concepts of democracy, rule of law, and civic involvement among the Jordanian students. Gradualtly it shall contribute to the successful implementation of the democratic process in the Kingdom of Jordan.

The two trainers introduced various teaching techniques to the attending teachers to help them to educate on four important concepts: Authority, Responsibility, Justice and Privacy. The training included practical teaching strategies that can assist teachers in this process. These strategies include:

  1. Analyzing issues by using intellectual tools
  2. Conducting class discussions
  3. Using effective questioning strategies
  4. Encouraging small group learning
  5. Implementing interactive teaching strategies
In spite of the fact that the FOD Program is a concept of organization, it is also a constitution of life experience. This program is considered unique since it helps students to see the relation between their experiences and real social and economic life.

On the last day of training the attending teachers were given certificates of participation.

Evaluation, implementation and follow up:

The Training and trainers were evaluated on a daily basis by special evaluation forms given to the participants at the end of each day. The FOD books were distributed to all teachers for future references. JCCES and the Ministry of Education will keep a follow up on the trained teachers through assigning a coordinator from the ministry who will monitor the teachers in the classrooms and evaluate their work. A database of all projects and participants is kept for reference by JCCES.

Representatives from KAS: Ms. Nidaa Al-Shraideh,

Ms. Afaf Maraqa

Representatives from JCCES: Mona Al Alami,

Sanaa Abu Azza

Upcoming Events

3th training workshop on Civic Education (Project Citizen) for Teachers will be held on 14. and 15. /21. and 22. November 2009, at JCCES premises.