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Jordan: Between Dreams and Reality

A Collective Virtual Arts Exhibition

A virtual arts exhibition under the theme 'Arts and Politics'

After the successful completion of the 5-month project, "Empowering Female Cartoonists in Jordan",  jointly coordinated with local partners, Wishbox Media and Qalam Hurr, Jordanian artists are now going global! 

KAS-Jordan Office, Wishbox Media, Qalam Hurr, I Have Learned Academy and oVRLebanon are extending the Lebanese virtual exhibition (Echoes from Lebanon-Arts and Politics) to include a virtual room for Jordan titled, "Jordan: Between Dreams and Reality" 

This virtual exhibition is a window into a society and a country located in the heart of the Middle East. With a plethora of 34 artworks, Jordanian artworks offer a glimpse into what matters to them whether it's in the political, social or cultural spheres. The topics highlighted through the artworks range from women's rights, honor crimes and child labor. 

Often known as an oasis of peace and stability, there is also a reality and a country facing unprecedented challenges. This exhibition provides a creative platform for artists to express themselves and communicate a Jordanian perspective to a global audience. 

To check Jordan's virtual exhibition, click the link on the right side of the page! 



Layan Ounis

Layan Ounis

Project Assistant / Research Fellow

layan.ounis@kas.de +962 6 5929777 ext.: 218