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Cambodia´s ASEM Chairmanship 2020

Small Country with Big Tasks

The Asia-Europe Meeting 2020 will be hold in Cambodia. This is reason enough for the Asian Vision Institute and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Cambodia to assemble the book "Cambodia´s ASEM Chairmanship 2020. Small Country with Big Tasks". In 10 chapters you can learn more about the event itself, the current political, economic and cultural context as well as specific issues, like security politics.

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The photo shows the cover of the publication "Cambodia´s ASEM Chairmanship 2020. Small Country with Big Tasks."
The Asia-Europe Meeting ASEM 2020 will be hosted in Cambodia! As you can imagine, it`s a big task for a small country.

It gives Cambodians the unique opportunity to present their extraordinary cultural heritage Insinuate traditional Khmer music, peoples and country to the world. With this responsibility coming up its time to spread the word about the summit.

To start the conversation, we have collaborated with our partner the Asian Vision Institute and a variety of experts to share and elaborate on what ASEM 2020 is all about. We invite you to learn more about the background of the meeting, the implications for Cambodia and whatever else there is to know about the event.

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Get ready for ASEM 2020 in Cambodia!


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