Visit of the CDU faction chairman Mike Mohring and the head of the Middle East/North Africa Team Thomas Birringer

The Konrad-Adenauer Foundation is pleased to welcome the chairman of the CDU faction of the federal state Thuringia and the head of the KAS Middle East and North Africa team Thoams Birringer to Lebanon.


At the first day of Mike Mohring's and Thomas Birringer's visit in Lebanon the focus was on the Lebanese refugee crisis. Therefore they came to see a refugee camp in the village Tanaayel in the Bekaa region containing a school, which is supported by the German government. During the day a meeting with Lebanese politicians took place, to debate on the political situation of the country. At the following day Mr. Mohring and Mr. Birringer were invited to discuss about the youth participation in the political process in Lebanon and in Germany with the NGO Masar and the "Youth Forum for National Youth Policy". At the last day of the journey they visited the German embassy in Beirut.

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Beirut; Zahle; Tannayel; Baalbeck


Peter Rimmele