Event Reports

MP Thorsten Frei visits Lebanon

Member of German Parliament Thorsten Frei visited Lebanon. During several meetings he discussed recent political developments.

MP Thorsten Frei, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and chairman of the CDU/CSU faction for the sub-committee "Civilian Crisis Prevention, Crisis Management and networked action” visited Lebanon from 31st August to 3rd September 2018. His visit included high-level meetings with several eminent figures, such as MP and President of the Kataeb Party Samy Gemayel, MP Antoine Habche from the Lebanese Forces, and His Beatitude Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi and others. Furthermore Thorsten Frei met with the directors of the KAS partner think tanks, His Excellency Dr. Tarek Mitri (IFI/AUB), Dr. Elie El Hindy (MEIRSS), Dr. Sami Nader (LISA) and with different journalists in Lebanon.

The talks focused on the current political processes and the role of different actors in Lebanon. Mr. Frei’s interests especially lay in the situation of the Syrian Refugees on the ground, their need for further assistance by the international community and the strategy adopted at their issue by the concerned authorities as what regards the post-war order in Syria. In order to gain a deeper insight into this topic, Mr. Frei visited the Syrian refugee camp in Jdita (Chtaura).