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No peace under the Shea tree - Climate change & conflicts in the Sahel: Debunking the myths

by Delina Goxho, Independent Security Consultant

Climate change has been widely perceived as a direct driver of conflict in the Sahel. But from a closer perspective, the link between climate change and Sahelian conflicts is less clear.

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💡 While climate change has very real consequences for livelihoods in the Sahel, recent empirical research has found no evidence of a direct correlation between climate and security in the region. It is incapable, unwilling or predatory state institutions instead that contribute to regional conflicts.


📌 High-time, therefore, for a fresh look on the EU’s climate-security policy nexus: is the EU’s integrated approach to the Sahel based on a flawed climate-security narrative? To what extent is there a need to revisit donors’ engagement in the Sahel?



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