New EU Taxonomy and Asian Financial Markets

Join the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung for an interactive webinar on Sustainable Finance in the EU and Asia, exploring how to foster cross-regional cooperation on ESG in financial markets – to be held on 07 July 2020, 10-11 AM (CET) / 4-5 PM (Singapore Time)


Sustainable Finance is on the rise in financial markets across the world, with the EU and Asian Financial Hubs like Hong Kong SAR, Singapore and Tokyo among the leading proponents of ESG. Just recently, in the context of the European Green Deal, the EU launched the first taxonomy on sustainable and environmental finance on the globe, laying the foundation for a substantial mobilization of private capital for climate change mitigation/adaptation. Based on that, the EU is currently drafting a Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy which will further align the financial system with the EU’s sustainability goals.

Similar to Europe, regional investors in Asia pay increasing attention to ESG standards when launching new investments, largely owing to the fact that Asia is among the regions most exposed to climate change. Indeed, across Asian financial centers, awareness is rising that, by linking finance to sustainable business models, banks and investors can reduce the negative ESG exposure of their loaning and boost more accountable business performance.

However, for the moment, policy developments in sustainable finance in the EU and Asia often remain disconnected from each other. Some analysts have warned that there is a risk of fragmentation in global sustainable finance markets, hampering the flow of private capital into climate change mitigation/adaptation. With that in mind, how can we strengthen cross-regional cooperation on sustainable finance between the EU and Asia? What is the current state of affairs in matters of ESG in Asia? And how exactly will the external dimension of the new EU green taxonomy influence financial markets, in Asia and beyond? Join us for an interactive webinar, bridging the gap between the EU and Asia. This will be a Zoom-event, with plenty of room for your contributions.
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  • Markus Ferber
    • Member of the European Parliament
    • Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs
    • European People’s Party
  • Dr. Lawrence Loh
    • Director of the Center for Governance
    • Institutions and Organization
    • NUS Business School
    • Singapore
  • Mirjam Wolfrum
    • Director Policy Engagement
    • CDP Europe

Dr. Christian Hübner


Head of the Regional Programme Energy Security and Climate Change Asia-Pacific +852 28822245

Louis Mourier