Ways out of the European-Cambodian Relations Crisis

Discussing solutions for the strained European-Cambodian relations

The roundtable will gather a selected group of experts from Cambodia and the EU in order to discuss the recent EBA withdrawal, future outlooks for Cambodia’s EBA status, how Europe’s relations with Cambodia can be improved through possible trust building activities and what impact the current relations will have on the ASEM meeting in May 2021 hosted by Cambodia. It is our aim to discuss and develop constructive and forward-looking approaches to improve and strengthen the relation between Cambodia and the EU.


Please contact if you wish to join the debate.
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  • HE Amb. Pou Sothirak
    • Executive Director of the Cambodian Institute of Cooperation
  • Clara Portela
    • Senior Associate Analyst
    • European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS)

Carolin Löprich

Carolin Löprich

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