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The Central Mediterranean Route

Challenges, Trends & Perspectives

Dialogue program with a delegation of representatives of German ministries as well as European political advisors and migration experts on the state of migration on the Central Mediterranean Route

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Tuesday, 06. February 2018 (Tunis)

10:30 Welcoming remarks and introduction

Dr. Canan Atilgan and Dr. Christina Krause

10:45 Quo vadis Libya: The tale of a collapsing country

Dr. Christian Buck, Ambassador, German Embassy to Libya

12:15 Migration via the Mediterranean: Facts, figures, and trends

Othman Belbeisi, Chief of Mission, IOM Libya

13:45 Lunch

15:45 Rising waters, rising tensions: Sea rescue and border protection forces on the Mediterranean

Ibrahim Younis, Head of Mission for Libya and the Mediterranean Sea, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Ozan Ağbaş, Humanitarian Affairs Officer, MSF

17:30 Human smuggling and border management

Friedrich Schwindt, Organized Crime Adviser, EUBAM Libya

19:30 Dinner with input on the migration debate in Tunisia by Dr. Holger Dix, KAS Country Office Tunisia/Algeria

Wednesday, 07. February 2018 (Tunis)

09:00 Extraterritorial asylum procedures and the responsibility to protect

Nisreen Rubaian, Assistant Representative (Protection), UNHCR Libya and

Julian Pack, Reporting Officer / External Relations, UNHCR Libya

10:30 A rough neighborhood: Tunisia’s challenges in the region

Samir Labidi, Former Tunisian Minister, Former Ambassador / Nidaa Tounes

12:00 No refugee in detention: Human rights violations in Libya

Matilda Bogner, Head of Human Rights, Transitional Justice and Rule of Law Division, UNSMIL

13:00 Peace and state building in Libya: An end to the crisis?

Rula Awwad, Senior Political Affairs Officer, UNSMIL

13:45 Lunch with Bettina Muscheidt, Head of EU Delegation to Libya

16:00 Walk through Sidi Bou Said

Travel to Rome

Thursday, 08. February 2018 (Rome)

09:00 Italy: From a country of transit to a country of destination - Measures taken by the Italian government to face challenges of migration

Mario Morcone, Prefect, Italian Ministry of Interior Affairs

10:30 Overview and Assessment of migration movements

Ambassador Stefano Ronca, General Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Sovereign Order of Malta

11:15 Humanitarian activity for migrants and refugees

Marianna Balfour, Diplomatic Public Affairs and Press, Sovereign Order of Malta

Followed by a short visit of the gardens of the Villa

12:30 Community of Sant’Egidio: The role of the civil society organizations in the context of reception and integration; A safe route to Europe: Humanitarian corridors

Cesare Zucconi, General Secretary, Community of Sant’Egidio

13:45 Lunch

15:30 SPRAR: Best-practice example of reception and integration

Daniela Di Capua, Director, Servizio Centrale of the Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees

17:00 International cooperation of the German Federal Police, particularly in the Mediterranean

Nico Scholz, German Liaison Officer of the German Federal Police

18:00 Challenges of the German Federal Authority for Migration and Refugees

Annika Schmidt, German Liaison Officer at the Italian Ministry of Interior, Rome

19:30 Dinner

Friday, 09. February 2018 (Rome)

09:30 The EU’s policies towards Africa: From bilateral agreements to joint strategies: Reducing illegal migration, concepts for legal migration and partnerships with countries of origin and transit

Paolo Crudele, Deputy General Director for Italian Citizens Abroad and Migration Policies, Principal Director for Migration Issues and Visas, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy

Cons. Fernando Pallini Oneto di S. Lorenzo, Deputy Head of the Unit for Analysis, Planning and Historic Diplomatic Documentation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy

Cons. Federico Ciattaglia, Head of Office III of the Directorate-General for the European Union, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy

11:00 EU Solidarity with Italy as a Frontline State - The Relocation Programme and the Reform of the "Dublin" System

Christopher Hein, Expert on migration

13:15 Lunch

15:00 Conclusion and Feedback

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The Central Mediterranean Migration Route: Challenges, Trends, and Perspectives
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