Empowering accountable and responsible young political leaders in Asia

New KASYP 2.0 Logo
New KASYP 2.0 Logo

The Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP) is a capacity-development programme implemented by the Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KASPDA) since March 2010. Throughout its eleven years of existence, KASYP’s overarching objective has been to contribute to KASPDA’s goal of fostering representative and accountable democratic parties in the region through strengthening young members’ capacities.

This project has its fundamentals in the realisation that parties require as much nurturing and attention as any other political institution in a democratic process. Well-run political parties anchored on sound development-platforms contribute to mature democratic ideals and principles.

Therefore, the main goal of this two-year programme is to develop a cadre of young political leaders who will take lead in the advancement of responsiveness and accountability of political parties in Asia.

The two-year programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

1.Strengthen participants’ democratic knowledge through a better understanding and appreciation of the role and functioning of political parties in democratic societies, the importance of intra-party democracy, principles of good governance, advantages and disadvantages of different political systems, free and fair elections, press freedom, disinformation, the market economy, sustainable development goals, multilateralism, and other aspects of democratic governance.

2.Enhance participants’ political skills through training and mastery in communication and presentation (pitching, framing, storytelling, debate, public speaking), election campaign strategy (campaign planning), program innovation and design (1st 100 days planning), and engagement and networking (diplomacy protocols).

3.Nurture participants’ democratic values and principles through the practice and embodiment of accountability, transparency, human rights, freedom of speech, justice, equality, diversity, rule of law, truth, tolerance, popular sovereignty, and other liberal democratic values and principles.

4.Expand participants’ network through offline and online peer-to-peer exchange and dialogue with local and national leaders from Asia and Europe.

5.Contribute to the improvement of their respective political parties’ internal capacity in terms of organization, administration, outreach, membership strategy, party platform, election strategy, training and resource material development, and many more.


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Rey Padit

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Programme Manager Political Cooperation

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New KASYP 2.0 Logo