Political Parties, Party Systems and Democratization in East Asia

This book describes how democracy is evolving in East Asia and how it assumes different forms in different countries, with political parties adapting and evolving alongside.

SAARC – 25 Years of Regional Integration in South Asia

KAS International Report 02/2011

In the eyes of the world SAARC, the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, has enjoyed comparatively few successes since it was founded in 1985. The Charter signed by the founders of SAARC (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) promises much, but achieved few practical results. Any assessment, though, needs to take into account the regional situation and the complicated backdrop to the organisation’s formation.

Asia and Europe - Moving Towards a Common Agenda

Panorama - Insights into European and Asian Affairs

This edition analyzes the actual “state of the art” of the bilateral relations between Asia and Europe. On the one hand, Asia and Europe share a series of concerns which in principle could provoke closer cooperation; but on the other hand, each region is preoccupied with its own agenda, which distracts attention for relations with the other side. Therefore it needs permanent efforts to transfer knowledge and information from one side to the “other” and to indicate areas of concern which in many cases are areas of common concern.

Armed Conflicts in South Asia 2010

Growing Left-wing Extremism and Religious Violence

This volume examines the major armed conflicts in South Asia- in India (with special reference to northeast, Jammu & Kashmir and the Naxalites), Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. The articles study conflict management, look at the direction the armed conflicts is likely to take and provide a set of alternative measures that could be pursued by the actors. The book is an annual, covering and updating these and other related issues across volumes.

Ageing And Politics - Consequences for Asia and Europe

Panorma - Insights into European and Asian Affairs

Panorama: Insights into Asian and European Affairs is a series of occasional papers published by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s “Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia/Singapore”.

The Asia-Europe Meeting

Engagement, Enlargement and Expectations

The book is a collection of the papers presented at the Roundtable organised by the EU Centre in Singapore and the Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung on 6th August 2010. It also includes a summary of the key points that emerged from the discussions about the enlargement, the functions and the future of ASEM.

Security Politics in Asia and Europe

Panorama 02/2009 - Insights into Asian and European Affairs

In this issue of Panorama we bring together experts from Asia and Europe to offer the different dimensions of security politics in these two regions and its intersection with global security. This volume tries to present the various security political issues andfactors which confront Asia and Europe.

20 Years: Fall of the Berlin Wall

Panorama 01/2009: Insights into Southeast Asian and European Affairs

20 years ago, on 9 November 1989, the Berlin Wall came down. Constructed on 13 August 1961, it symbolized the Cold War, and the division of Germany and the world into East and West. With Unification in Germany, profound changes took place not just domestically but also throughout Europe and internationally.

My Mercy Encompasses All: The Koran's Teachings in Compassion, Peace and Love

Translation into Thai Language

If the concept of divine unity dominates the mind, it is the principle of divine compassion that rules the heart in Islam. Contrary to the harsh stereotypes of Islam - fostered both by fanatics within the religion itself, and by biased critics - the culture of this religion is steeped in the ambience generated by mercy and compassion, expressions of divine love. This spiritual culture issues from heartfelt conviction that God is to be taken absolutely seriously when he declares in the seventh chapter of the Koran, "My Mercy Encompasses All."Drawn from his own translations of the text, scholar and author Reza Shah-Kazemi has selected key verses from the Koran which manifest the various facets of mercy, a mercy which bestows profound peace and infinite love. In the spirit of 'Blessed Are the Peacemakers', Wendell Berry's collection of quotations from the Bible, this is a book to help us illuminate an immensely influential text.

Monograph on Enlightened Islam

by Luthfi Assyaukanie

The author seeks to defend the ideas and concepts espoused by liberal Muslim thinkers in a scholarly manner as an attempt to establich the legitimacy of this school of thought.