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Towards A Green Economy

In Search of Sustainable Energy Policies for the Future

This book is a compilation of papers presented at the international conference on "Moving Towards a Green Economy: Energy Policies for the Future" held in Kuala Lumpur in December 2011.

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Energy Policy and the Transition to a Green Economy: An Introduction

Adnan A. Hezri and Wilhelm Hofmeister

Making Choices: Powering the Dream or Endangering the World

Xu Yi-chong

An Overview of U.S. Renewable Energy Policies

Meredith Crafton and Benjamin Sovacool

Nuclear Energy and Renewable Energy: Which Way to Go for China?

Qin Tianbao and Pi Liyang

Planning for the Future: Decision-Making on Energy Policy in India

Harsha Meenawat and Nidhi Srivastava

Biofuel Policies in Brazil: Experiences and Perspectives

Arnaldo Walter and Camila Ortolan Fernandes de Oliveira

Transition to Sustainability: Energy Demand and Supply in Malaysia

Endang Jati Mat Sahid, Adnan A. Hezri, Shahnaz Sharifuddin, and Leong Yow Peng

Hydropower and the Green Economy in Laos: Sustainable Developments?

Mattijs Smits

French Energy Policies: Challenges, Policy Innovation and Major Stakes at Hand

Marie-Helene Schwoob

Paradigm Shift in German Energy Policy: Towards an Era of Renewable Energies

Hartmut Grewe

Carbon Trading and the Future of Energy Policies in Australia

Hugh Saddler

Best Practices of Environmental Clusters in Germany: The Case of Environmental Technology Cluster of State Baden-Württemberg

Joachim Elsäesser

Moving Forward

Wan Portia Hamzah

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