KASYP Virtual Discussion Series 2020

Session 03: Future of International Cooperation Post-COVID-19 Pandemic

After a successful 2nd session, the KASYP Virtual Discussion Series will now discuss the “Future of International Cooperation Post-COVID-19 Pandemic”. In this 3rd session, the panel discussion will examine the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on international political cooperation, project the economic changes in international trade, overseas development assistance, and world norms, and identify new ways of cooperation after the COVID-19 pandemic in order to continue the economic and political developments in Asia.


KASYP Virtual Discussion Series 2020 Session 3
KASYP Virtual Discussion Series 2020 Session 3

South Korea and Malaysia have high level of dependence on trade. The two countries have closely cooperated to overcome Covid-19 pandemic to minimize the negative effects of the crisis. Recently, the Ministers of Trade of the two nations had a call to strengthen cooperation during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting, as well as in the bilateral exchange platforms such as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). In order for South Korea and Malaysia to contribute to the regional cooperation in Asia, it is necessary to project the changes of international cooperation after Covid-19 pandemic.


Some of the issues that might be discussed in this 3rd session is the perceived discrimination experienced by Asians considering the origin of the coronavirus which is China. Apart from this issue of discrimination, the coronavirus has spilled over to trade conflict between the United States and China. These kind of issues are harmful for countries dependent in international cooperation for their economies and security like South Korea and Malaysia.


This virtual event is co-organized by a bipartisan forum called the “International Relations Forum of the National Assembly of Korea” which was founded in the National Assembly of Korea. Members of this forum are secretaries to congressmen, public officials, reporters covering the assembly, and ruling and opposition parties’ executives. The objective of this Forum is to find new solutions facing international relations.


The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a problem of governments and parliaments. Non-government organizations and political parties should also be part in the collective efforts to overcome this health crisis. This virtual discussion will be the first exchange between the IR Forum members of Korea and public office bearer of Malaysia through the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Political Dialogue Asia in Singapore. The event hopes to discuss relevant policy responses in both the National Assembly of Korea and the Parliament of Malaysia. With the participation of Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP) alumni, the discussions will definitely incorporate international perspectives from different contexts.

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KASYP Virtual Discussion Series 2020: Session 03: Future of International Cooperation Post-COVID-19 Pandemic
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