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Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians - Batch 15

KASYP Batch 15 Applications NOW OPEN!

The Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP) is a capacity-development programme aimed to develop a cadre of young political leaders who will take lead in the advancement of responsiveness and accountability of political parties in Asia.

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KASYP is a modular training programme which consists of four modules phased over the course of two years, in which participants can acquire theoretical and conceptual knowledge as well as practical skills. Each module takes place in a different location, depending on the KASPDA team’s priorities and the presence of local partners. Germany has been established as a fixed location for Module 4. Module contents range from theoretical foundations on democratic systems and parties to policy-focused contents on local governance, practical skills in communication, election campaigning, program innovation and design, diplomatic protocols as well as exposure to the global politics such as the German and European political systems. Modules entail a mixture of lectures, group discussion, debates, individual and group presentations, practical workshops, simulations, site visits and dialogue sessions with national and local political leaders.

Additionally, KASYP features compulsory leadership training and modular assignments throughout the programme, the Bridging Democratic Leadership (BDL). Successful applicants will undergo the BDL throughout the first three modules under different themes of Ownership, Co-ownership, and Co-creation. Apart from the BDL, participants are required to deliver outputs pertaining to their communication skills, leadership journey, election campaign plan, project design, and a final class project documenting their learning journey.

Per its design, KASYP provides its participants with the possibility of exchange with peers from other Asian countries, from competing parties of their home countries, and from European countries. This exchange is fostered beyond KASYP through annual alumni events and social networking platforms.

For more details, please download the KASYP Programme Information and Application Form. Thank you!

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