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Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP) – Batch 13

3rd Training-Workshop on Local Governance and Development

For the third module, the main objective is to provide participants with tools and knowledge to create effective democratic governance in societies facilitated by political parties at the local level.

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KASYP 13.3 - Module on Local Governance and Development
KASYP 13.3 - Module on Local Governance and Development

After the successful 2nd training-workshop on election campaigning, fellows of KASYP batch 13 will meet again for their 3rd module on local governance and development this coming 23-28 April 2023 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


The KASYP is a two-year programme with two workshops a year focusing on four different political and policy themes. This coming November 2022, we will meet in-person with the fellows of KASYP batch 13 who are young politicians from ten different Asian countries, namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan to undergo the training on local governance and development.


The core topics for the third module include regional trends in local governance and development in Asia, economic governance, and social market economy. This will be supplemented with elective topics on sustainable development goals, disaster risk reduction management, youth employment, decentralization, green economy, etc. Skills training will focus on program innovation and design which will lead to the development of a project design. In this third module, participants will undergo their final workshop on democratic leadership. The topic for the third BDL session will focus on co-creation. The inputs from the skills training and BDL sessions are designed to support the core topics on democratic governance. Furthermore, participants will have an opportunity to dialogue with local leaders to learn best practices in local governance and  development.

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KASYP 13.3
National Road 6, Krous Village,
17252 Siem Reap


KASYP Batch 13 - 3rd Training Module: Political Parties’ in Local Governance and Development
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Rey Padit

Rey Padit

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