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State of Europe 2024

Europe in 2024 and beyond - EU Elections: global impact, regional perception?

In collaboration with the German European School Singapore (GESS) and the GESS Parents' Committee the public cross-sectional evening event will see more than 200 people from different disciplines.

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The outcome of the upcoming European Elections between June 6-9 will determine the direction of policies decided by the Parliament and shape EU politics over the next five years. More than 400 million eligible voters can choose the 720 members of the EU’s only directly elected institution for the tenth time since 1979. They matter greatly: The Parliament is a co-legislator on all files of Union competency, has the power to approve the EU’s budget and the future European Commission. 
ASEAN and the EU are united on the fundamentals such as the defence of multilateralism or the rule of law. Now, the strength of the parliamentary dimension between the EU and ASEAN will largely depend on the strength of the new Parliament and other EU institutions after June 6-9. Therefore, the EU Elections are very much on ASEAN’s radar, as they are aware that their outcome will determine the future of what is—alongside ASEAN—one of the world's most advanced experiences of regional integration, and a great source of trade and investment.
The relationship between the EU-ASEAN relations experienced a new height in 2020 with the signing of the strategic partnership. What followed were several visits from European and Southeast Asian decision-makers to the other region. Meanwhile it needs to be seen how the latest EU-ASEAN plan of action for 2023-2027 will be implemented in which both sides agreed to "encourage linkages" between the European Parliament and the individual parliaments of ASEAN member states. 
The expert panel bringing together several EU experts discusses the impact of the EU elections on EU-ASEAN relations in the fields of connectivity, sustainability and security and points to possible scenarios in the way-forward between the two blocs after June 9. 

Here you will find the program for download: 24-05-30 State of Europe in 2024 GESS KAS.pdf

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Dieter-Gumpert-Auditorium, 2 Dairy Farm Lane, 677621 Singapore


  • Jim Maher
    • Senior Policy Advisor
    • European Parliament in ASEAN
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Burka
    • Managing Director
    • CIVIC GmbH
  • H.E. Colette Taquet
    • Ambassador
    • Embassy of Belgium in Singapore
  • Dr. Yeo Lay Hwee
    • Director
    • European Union Centre in Singapore

Moritz Fink

Mortz Fink

Policy Officer

+65 6603 6169

Andreas Michael Klein

Andreas Michael Klein

Director Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia +65 6603 6162

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