Montenegro’s accession to the European Union

Supporting the implementation of anti-discrimination legislation before judicial institutions

The KAS-RLPSEE together with the Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM) is organizing this February a 3 days seminar entitled “New Anti-Discrimination Legislation and European Law Standards”.


The aim of this project is to support the reform of judicial system in Montenegro by training judiciary representatives and to addresses some of key weaknesses regarding the state of judiciary and anti-discrimination law enforcement that have been identified in the EC (European Commission) Montenegro Progress Reports and the European Partnership. In wider sense, this project aims at accelerating the adoption of European human rights standards in law and practice by facilitating the implementation of key European Partnership priorities.

Target group will be 30 judges, prosecutors, lawyers, representatives of Ombudsman’ Office, Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Ministry of Interior Affairs representatives, Human rights defenders, as well as the representatives of human rights based CSOs.

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Budva, Montenegro


Das montenegrinische Antidiskriminierungsgesetz und europäische Rechtsstandards
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Corina Rebegea

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