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Legal Policy and Justice Reform in Croatia on the way to the European Integration

Between May 13 and 16 the Rule of Law Program South East Europe organizes in Dubrovnik (Croatia) a high-level conference on „Legal Policy and Justice Reform in Croatia on the way to the European Integration“.


A number of 6 members of the German Bundestag meet with officials of Croatian state institutions invovled in the field of justice starting with the Supreme Court, the Consitutional Court and the Ombudsman to the Law Faculty of Zagreb and representatives of Judges and Lawyers Associations in Croatia. The two sides focused their discussions on themes such as the modification of the Croation constitution, the application of the European Convention of Human Rights, the role of the state attorney's office, the objectives of the judiciary or the institutionalization of the victims protection system.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia


  • Dr. Günter Krings
    • MdB
  • Dr. Stephan Harbarth
    • MdB
  • 1.Dr. Jan-Marco Luczak
    • MdB
  • Dr. Patrick Sensburg
    • MdB
  • Ansgar Heveling
    • MdBBarbara Richstein
    • MdL
  • Branko Hrvatin
    • Supreme Court of Kroatien
  • Mladen Bajic
    • Public Prosecutors Office

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