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Not All Good Things Come in Threes for Romanian Judiciary

by PhD Stefanie Ricarda Roos

President Minister Basescu refuses appointment of national-liberal senator to minister of justice

Even in the 2nd year of its EU accession, the Romanian does not come to a rest: On 8January 2008, President Traian Basescu refused to appoint the national-liberal senator Norica Nicolai as the new Romanian Minister of Justice. Instead, he asked Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu (PNL) in writing to make a new proposal for the filling of the vacancy as justice minister. Liberal Nicolai had - despite original objections by the Prime Minister - been proposed for the post of Minister of Justice in December last year by the governing PNL. The decision led to different reactions internationally.

Hartmut Rank

Hartmut Rank

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