The Principle of Subsidiarity in the Statute of the Arab Court for Human Rights

Two-Day Workshop

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation's Rule of law Program for the Middle East/North Africa organizes with the Lebanese Center for International Studies and the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the Notre Dame University a two-day workshop.


The Workshop will be held on the principle of subsidiarity in the statute of the Arab Court for Human Rights and starts with a presentation of Dr. Kasey McCall-Smith, Director of LLM Human Rights program at University Edinburgh. The principle of subsidiarity and principle of exhaustion of local remedies, its theory, origins and history will be elaborated. Moreover, ties with the principle of state sovereignty will be drawn and applications by other Human Right courts shown. After the discussion, Dr. Claire Dubois-Hamdi, the legal expert at the European Court for Human Rights will state the application of the principle of subsidiarity and the principle of exhaustion of local remedies by the European Court of Human Rights. Dr. Karim El-Mufti, International Law lecturer, director of the Legal Human Rights Clinic Universite La Sagesse, Expert and Researchers in legal and political issues, will present the difference between the principle of subsidiarity and the principle of complementary, and the way its dealt with by international criminal courts with case-law of the ICC and Ad Hoc Tribunal (ICTY and STL). After lunch and the welcoming words of Dr. Maan Bou-Saber, Dean of the Faculty of Law of NDU, Dr. Kasey McCall-Smith will return to the stage in order to provide case-law of Human Rights conventional and charter-based bodies. The first day will be finalized by the distribution of four cases in two sessions for the participants, who will distribute the cases for the moot courts. The second day will start in the late afternoon with oral pleading session, proclamation of results, including trophies. The event will come to an end with the reception for closure of the workshop.

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Hotel Promenade in Zalka, Lebanon


  • Dr. Kasey McCall-Smith
    • Dr. Claire Dubois-Hamdi
      • Dr. Karim El-Mufti