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New start in Cyprus: Nikos Christodoulides is the island's new president

by Marian Wendt, Vasilis Karydas-Yfantis

Cyprus after the election

On the last day of February 2023, Nikos Christodoulides was officially sworn in as President of the Republic of Cyprus. Two days earlier, he published the members of his government. Cyprus experienced an election campaign unprecedented in decades, which brought a surprise in the 1st round and the danger of erosion for the previously ruling party DISY.

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Cyprus has voted for Nikos Christodoulides as its new president. The elections can be described as historic in the sense that the traditional centre-right party, the Democratic Rally (DISY), did not manage to break through to the second round with its leader and candidate, Averof Neophytou. Largely, internal party divisions are to blame, given that incumbent DISY president Nikos Anastasiades voiced only lukewarm support for what would nominally be the candidate of his party, while Christodoulides managed to split the DISY vote, being a former party member and popular foreign minister (2018-22) in Anastasiades' administration. The new government will now have to quickly address questions around the future of the island as a whole while economic and social problems loom. For all of these issues, an actively engaging the EU and other players will be crucial.

Please note, the full-length report is only available in German. 

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Marian Wendt

Head of the Greece and Cyprus Office


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