Challenges and Trends in Public Policy in 2020

A discussion of the Institute of Democratization Studies with the support of the KAS in Thailand



Challenges and Trends in Public Policy in 2020


Especially in the context of a worldwide pandemic, Thailand is facing challenges in its public policy process to meet the needs of the people. Given the role of political parties as democratic bodies, the more stable linkage they have to the society, the more responses they will be able to offer to the primary issue of their voters. To strengthen the linkage, political parties should be functioning as policy platforms in hearing and serving their constituents to achieve greater goods.

To open a space for a constructive discussion, the Institute of Democratization Studies, with the support of the KAS, will organize a seminar about challenges and trends in public policy in 2020 in particular in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. In this regard, policy makers and the public are invited to share their views and discuss what ought to be done in the public policy process. The seminar will take place on Saturday, August 29 in Bangkok.



Dr. Prapat Chongsanguan

Former Vice Minister and Former Governor of State Railway of Thailand (SRT)


Dr. Sirote Klampaiboon

Political Correspondent, Voice TV


Prof. Channawoot Chairaksa

Department of Political Science and Public Administration,

Faculty of Social Science, Naresuan University


Prof. Dr. Boonlert Vongpiboon

Former Advisor to Deputy Prime Minister


Mr. Polnotcha Chakphet

Member of KASYP batch 11

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