Modern Methods for Civic Participation of the Citizens according to International Standards

Online Workshop

Since the beginning of 2021, Thailand has faced two more waves of the covid-19 pandemic. This time, there are more infection and death cases than the outbreak last year. Vaccination for the public has just started while the restriction is exercised intensively nationwide especially the deep-red zones like Bangkok and vicinity. Implementation of the activity onsite with more than 20 people is not allowed until the end of May and likely to be extended if the situation does not get better. Online platforms are the possible way out to deliver the work in order to obtain outputs and outcomes as indicated in the work plans.


The KAS Office in Thailand realises that this will be a good opportunity to support the staffs in its partner and co-partner organisations in the areas of the civil society’s contribution for civic participation of the citizens to improve their work performance with the online platforms. Despite their regular uses and basic knowledge in some online-conference programmes, the reskilling and upskilling training is required to guarantee the enhanced capacity of the staffs. This two-day training will offer the participants a good chance to learn about the functions of the recognised online conference programmes which are selected especially for the training to fit with their needs. Moreover, the participants will also have an opportunity to discuss with the professional trainer as well as to get tested during the activity to see their understanding and advancement.


In the short term and for immediate output, this activity expects that the knowledge the participants gained from the training will enable them to be more capable and confident in hosting and organising online activities during this difficult time. Furthermore, in the longer term, the skills they are equipped with will modernise their work and social contribution as a whole according to international standards.

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