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Smart City and Digital Government in 2023: Resilience for the future


The Institute of Democratization Studies in cooperation with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Thailand will organize the discussion “Smart City and Digital Government in 2023: Resilience for the future” to promote smart city concepts and civic engagement in the policy process.

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In the last two decades, the concept of smart cities has attracted significant research and policy attention. Smart City commonly refers to an ecosystem in which information and communication technologies (ICTs) are utilized to offer innovative services to citizens to enhance their well-being and to stimulate sustainable economic growth. In this human-centric view, citizens are put at the center of smart city development. They are the co-creators of smart cities, that is, citizens not only use services but also initiate and create relevant concepts for smart cities. This understanding increases the need in Thailand for an expansion of an e-government. This expansion, however, faces a lot of challenges, which will be discussed at the event.


13:00-13:10: Welcome Remarks

Dr. Céline-Agathe Caro, Head of the KAS office in Thailand

13:10-13:20: Opening Remarks

Mr. Withawat Chaiphakphum, Secretary General, King Prajadhipok's Institute

13:20 –13:30: Remark on “Smart City and City lab project by NU Scipark x KAS-IDS”

Dr. Phisut Apichayakul, Vice President, Naresuan University and  Acting Executive Director, SCI.Park@NU    

14:00-15:40: Smart City and Digital Government in 2023: Resilience for the future


  • Dr. Sak Segkhunthod, Former President and CEO of Electronic Government Agency (Public Organization)
  • Prof. Dr. Supawatanakorn Wongthanavasu, Program Management Unit on Area Based Development (PMU A)
  • Dr. Stithorn Thananithichot, director of the Office of Innovation for Democracy, King Prajadhipok's Institute
  • Mr. Packawat Atchariyapanya, Acting Director of the College of Local Government Development, King Prajadhipok's Institute
  • Prof. Channawoot Chairaksa, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Faculty of Social Science, Naresuan University


15:40 –15:50: Q&A

In this timeslop the audience can ask questions about the talking points. 

15:50-16:00 Closing ceremony

Finishing Notes 

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Executive Summary “Smart City and Digital Government in 2023: Resilience for Future”: By Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Thailand), Institute of Democratization Studies (iDS), and King Prajadhipok’s Institute
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