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The Development of the Integration Communication and the Public Relations

The Regional Administrative Courts Batch 2

The workshop series organized by the Office of the Administrative Courts of Thailand with the support of KAS in Thailand aims at enhancing the technical knowledge beneficial to the promotion of the court’s work. The topic in the activity will focus on how to utilize the tools of mass communication and public relations to increase the public recognition. The participants will be the judges and the court officials from the regional administrative courts throughout the country. The group work in the afternoon session will open a chance for the participants to digest the received knowledge and initiate their ideas possible for the development of the court’s work in their operating areas.

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Mass communication and public relations

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The Administrative Court of Thailand
The Government Complex, Chaengwattana Road,



Dr. Céline-Agathe Caro


Head of the KAS office in Thailand +66 (0) 2 714 1207 +66 2 714 13 07

Napajaree Jiwanantaprawat

Napajaree Jiwanantaprawat

Senior Project Manager +66 (0) 2 714 1207 +66 2 714 13 07

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Das Büro der thailändischen Verwaltungsgerichte (OAC)

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