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KASSID Winter Meeting 2023

by Sarita Piyawongrungruang
The KASSID Winter Meeting 2023 took place on December 6th, featuring engaging workshop activities.

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This year, KAS Thailand welcomed six new scholars from various fields of study, fostering more inclusive perspectives for social and innovative developments in the future. Alongside existing scholars from the previous batch, the new KASSID scholars familiarized themselves with KAS' objectives and its work in Thailand, aiming to strengthen participatory democracy, the rule of law, the social market economy, and international cooperation between Thailand, Germany, and the EU.


We express our gratitude to DAAD Thailand for sharing insightful information on pursuing a doctoral degree, PhD scholarships, and living in Germany. Additionally, we extend sincere thanks to Asst. Prof. Dr. Chanintorn Pensute from the Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration of Chiang Mai University for dedicating her time to lead a workshop titled "Youth Participation in Rethinking the Soft Power Concept for Thai Foreign Policies". This workshop enabled scholars to better understand the definition, resources, and key performance indicators of soft power, reflected in their creative ideas for policy designs.


Finally, we thank our KASSID scholars and KASSID alumni for actively participating in the activities. Beyond academic excellence, KAS value the engagement that the scholars have had in their communities based on their specialization, driving towards the creation of a society they all wish to live in.

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