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Transatlantic cooperation in the context of russian aggression against uUkarine.

Polish and German Opinions. Research Report

The Institute of Public Affairs in cooperation and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation present the results of an opinion poll on the perception of transatlantic relations in Poland and Germany. Particular importance is given to this analysis by the context of the war in Ukraine.

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Perceptions of the US role in the global and European security system have often divided Polish and German elites and public opinion. The Russian aggression against Ukraine and the U.S. support to Ukraine renewed the debate in both countries on the U.S. role in European security. As we know from previous surveys, the societies of Poland and Germany evaluated the Russian aggression very similarly and had similar expectations about how their own governments should react to the situation. In the current survey, we wanted to see if a similar convergence of Polish and German opinions applies to the role and policies of our main transatlantic partner, the United States.


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David Gregosz

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Dyrektor Biura Fundacji Konrada Adenauera w Polsce

David.Gregosz@kas.de +48 22 845-9330
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Hanna Dmochowska

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public relations, kontakty z mediami, organizacja

Hanna.Dmochowska@kas.de +48 22 845-9335


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