New Media and Civic Culture in 2019

KAS together with the Institute of Democratisation Studies (IDS) will provide a discussion for participants in related fields such as policy-makers, social and political experts, students, and the public to exchange knowledge and experience about the role of new media toward civic culture and personality as well as to create awareness about the impact of new media on policy formulation.


Speech Contest to Promote Political Culture and Democratic Governance

The Secretariat of the Senate (SOS) with support from KAS Office Thailand will hold a speech contest event to encourage the students and educational community to realise the significance of democratic governance with the King as head of state as well as to enhance the creative ideas and expressions in presenting political opinions.


Rule of Law in ASEAN Integration: Intellectual Perspective

A seminar in cooperation with Institute of Democratization Studies (IDS) provides a platform for participants to share knowledge and opinions with invited speaker and panelists from related fields about development of ASEAN integration, the role of rule of law influencing the process, and the future improvement for ASEAN cooperation.

Expert talk

The Principles of Social Market Economy

Konrad Adenauer Foundation Thailand Office will organise a special lecture on the principles of social market economy to be delivered by Dr Frank Steffel, a member of German Parliament from the CDU/CSU Party, to representatives from partner and co-partner organisations who have been and are working on this subject in order to enhance their understanding and knowledge on the issue.


Special Lecture on Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019)

The Office of the Administrative Courts of Thailand (OAC) by KAS support will hold a special lecture to enhance knowledge and better understanding of the central and regional administrative judges as well as court officials about the current situation of personal data breaches including related legal measures and the essential principles of personal data protection act in order to together settle the best practices for organization in compliance with the law on personal data protection.


Knowledge Dissemination on Politics and Government, Roles, Duties and Powers of the Legislative Function

Parliamentary Demonstration
The workshop in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Senates aims to provide a platform for the young people in local provinces to discuss about the Thai political culture and political development as well as to arrange a demonstration activity for participants to study in details about parliamentary democracy and parliamentary protocol.


ASEAN and the Challenges in 2019

The Institute of Democratisation Studies (IDS) with KAS support will organise a roundtable discussion in order to open the chance for academicians, economic and social scientists, and the interested persons to exchange opinions about the challenging issues in ASEAN region from socioeconomic perspectives as well as to collect ideas for further improvement of public policies related.


Constitutionalism in 21st Century: Intellectual Perspectives

A discussion in cooperation with Institute of Democratization Studies (IDS) provides a platform for participants to share knowledge and opinions with invited speakers from related fields about development of constitutionalism, its essential elements, and different patterns from various perspectives.

Event Reports

NATO at 60: Transformation to a Global Security Provider?

by Canan Atilgan

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of NATO, Konrad Adenauer Foundation organized an international seminar on NATO. For the first time the role of NATO in the security order of the 21st century was analyzed together with relevant actors from Thailand. This event has broadened the understanding of NATO’s provision and role to Thai authorities. Moreover, one of the controversial issues is on terrorism that has become one of the most vital and challenging aspect to the future role of NATO.

Event Reports

New Security Trends in Southeast Asia and Europe

by Canan Atilgan

On April 9th, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Bangkok in cooperation with the KAS Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia and ISIS held the international seminar “New Security Trends in Southeast Asia and Europe”. Leading experts in security politics from Germany, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam discussed current and future challenges in security politics.

Event Reports

The Internal Security Act (ISA)

Implications for the Southern Conflict
On 18 December 2008, the KAS organized a workshop “The Internal Security Act: Implications for the Southern Conflict” with high-ranking military officers and representatives of the civil society. The workshop aimed at providing a platform for discussion about implementation of the Internal Security Act, which became effective at the beginning of 2008, focusing on its implications for the ongoing Southern conflict. Among other participants was the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Thai Army.

Event Reports

Seminar on 'Participatory elements of democracy'

The event “Participatory elements of democracy” has been part of a political congress covering many interesting political issues like human rights, education, participation and economy.The seminar, in which representatives of governmental organizations, NGOS, academia and media attended, was held with speeches of Dr. Canan Atilgan, Resident Representative of KAS Thailand, Dr. Michael Nelson, M.L. Pruktisan Jumbala and Dr. Siriphan Noksuan – political experts and professors from Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University.

Event Reports

Advancing ASEAN-EU Relations in the 21st Century

Thailand hat im Juli 2008 den Vorsitz der Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) übernommen. Zu diesem Anlass veranstaltete die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung gemeinsam mit Centre for European Studies (CES) am 6. Oktober 2008 ein internationales Seminar in Bangkok. Das Seminar diente dazu, die Fortentwicklung der EU-ASEAN-Beziehungen auf der Grundlage der im März 2007 unterzeichneten „Nürnberger Erklärung“ zu bewerten. Die Teilnehmer kamen zum Ergebnis, dass EU und ASEAN über ein gewaltiges Potential zur Zusammenarbeit verfügen, das noch nicht in vollem Umfang ausgenutzt wird.
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