Fairness and Justice in the Social Development of ASEAN-Countries

KAS together with the Graduate School of Human Sciences of Assumption University will hold an international conference aiming to investigate implementation of social justice and fairness especially in economic aspect.


The Millennial’s Vision on Socio-Economic Policy

An event in cooperation with Institute of Democratization Studies (IDS) provides a discussion platform about challenges for Thailand’s development and policy formulation in political and economic contexts.


Inspection of Assets of the Persons Holding Political Positions and State Officials

The seminar will provide the participants the updated judicial expertise and academic information on malfeasance cases. On the platform the participants will be able to exchange their experiences which will lead to court procedure improvement.


2018 Teach the Young Project

The training in cooperation with the Lawyer Team for Youth and Society Foundation aims to teach the young people starting from elementary school level to understand and be able to comply with general law in their day-to-day lives.


Ageing Population Development

KAS in cooperation with the College of Local Administration of Khon Kaen University organises a workshop aiming to enhance social inclusion as well as to better understanding of good-care provision for ageing population in local governments.


Concept and Experience of Provisional Measures and Execution of the Courts

The seminar co-organised by KAS and the Office of the Constitutional Court of Thailand (OCC) aims to provide the platform for legal experts, state officials, and judges to exchange ideas on jurisdiction process.


The Royal Decree on the Digital Asset Businesses and Laws Relating to the Control of Cryptocurrency Trading

The special lecture co-organised by KAS and the OAC aims to provide the updated information and knowledge for legal experts, state officials, and administrative judges on recent laws relating to cryptocurrency trading.


The Situations, Legal Issues, and Crimes Related to Digital Currency, Bitcoin, in Thailand

A seminar co-organised by KAS and the Office of the Attorney-General of Thailand aims to provide the updated information and knowledge for legal experts, state officials, and prosecutors on recent laws relating to cryptocurrency.

Event Reports

E-AdminCourt System for Enhancement of Administrative Justice

by Orapan Suwanwattanakul

On 5-7 July 2019, KAS Thailand Office in cooperation with the Office of the Administrative Courts of Thailand (OAC) held an internal seminar.

Event Reports

Media’s Roles and Responsibility towards Personal Data Protection

KAS Thailand Office in corporation with the Institute of Public Policy Studies (IPPS) held a dialogue on the issue of personal data protection which is their main focus this year to raise public awareness. The discussion taken place on 26 June 2019 was the third event in the series, underlining the roles and responsibility of media towards the current situation of personal data protection in Thailand. On this issue, Mr Pattara Khumphitak – executive board of the Post Publishing PCL, former president of the National Press Council of Thailand, and former Constitution Drafting Committee – gave a lecture and exchanged views with participants from various related fields in governmental offices, civil society, private sector, and especially media.

Event Reports

Social Market Economy, Social Equity, and SME in Bangkok

KAS in cooperation with the Forward Foundation welcomed community leaders and authorities from Laksi District to participate in the seminar and study visit taking place on 12 June 2019. The seminar explored the concept of Social Market Economy with a focus on equity in the society. Four expertise perspectives were discussed: Social Equitable by Law, Good Will Economy System, Brand Sustainable, and Business Model for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. The afternoon study-visit to Lertsuksom Community Enterprise in Phasi Charoen District offered a guidance to approaching social equity from the bottom-up or community level.

Event Reports

New Media’s Significance towards the Role of Legislative Institutions

Network Collaboration Development to Build Citizenship
The two-day workshop in corporation with the Secretariat of the House of Representatives welcomed the parliamentary officials especially the ones responsible for public relations task to attend to the lectures, discussions, and group brainstorming on the topics of development of public relations to support the work of the legislative institutions and development of news content and format to strengthen citizenship through new media, etc.

Event Reports

Chefredakteure englischsprachiger Tageszeitungen aus Thailand treffen Persönlichkeiten aus Presse und Politik

Die Teilnehmenden hatten vom 5.- 9. März in Berlin und Bonn die Gelegenheit sich mit zahlreichen Vertretern aus Politik (Fraktionsvorsitzende der CDU/CSU MdB Volker Kauder, Regierungssprecher Steffen Seibert) und Medien zu treffen und über Themen wie Migration und Sicherheit (Bundespolizeipräsidenten Dr. Dieter Romann), sowie Erwartungen an die Große Koalition zu diskutieren und aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln zu beleuchten.

Event Reports

Cabinet Resolution of 30 June 1998: Land and Forest Management

by Napak Angkawaratanat

KAS-EU Project
On 24 November 2016, KAS with the EU Delegation to Thailand and EnLAWTHAI hosted a public conference on a research of “Cabinet Resolution of 30 June 1998: Land and Forest Management” which over 130 participants from governmental organisations, civil society section and press attended.

Event Reports

Richter des Obersten Verwaltungsgerichts Thailands beschäftigten sich mit der Energie- und Klimapolitik

Der Präsident des Obersten Verwaltungsgerichts Thailands besuchte vom 26.06. bis 01.07.2016 mit einer Delegation unter anderem politische Institutionen, das Oberverwaltungsgericht Berlin und das Bundesverwaltungsgericht in Leipzig. Die Teilnehmer informierten sich über die Möglichkeiten der erneuerbaren Energien, um in Thailand die Qualität der Rechtsprechung bei Projekten zur Nutzung der Rechtsprechung zu verbessern.

Event Reports

The Constitutional Court and Thailand’s Political Reform

by Michael Winzer

A seminar organised by the Office of Constitutional Court of Thailand (OCC) and KAS
The seminar took place on the first of July in Centara Grand Hotel, Bangkok. Not only jurists, politicians and political scientists, but also members of the Constituent Assembly and the president of the Electoral Commission were present.

Event Reports

Principle of Participatory Democracy

by Michael Winzer

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Thailand together with the Office of The Secretariat of the Senate (SOS) Acting as Secretariat of the National Legislative Assembly have co-organized a training workshop under the Strengthening Local Communities and Local Leaders project, the Process of Strengthening Participatory Democracy Leadership Course between 24 – 28 May 2015 at Furama hotel, Chiang Mai.

Event Reports

Official Launch of the Project "Environmental Empowerment for Grassroots and Non-State Actors in Thailand"

The Delegation of the European Union to Thailand financially joins hands with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in supporting ENLAWTHAI Foundation to disseminate knowledge about environmental justice to Thai grassroots.
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