High-Level Dialogue on “The need of Europe in the Middle East peace process”

Panel discussion with MEPs and Middle East Experts in order to discuss the lessons learned from previous rounds of peace negotiations and challenges for the on-going process and the role the EU could/ should play in the Middle East Peace Process



With the resumption of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in Washington in September 2010, the conflict has again become the centre of worldwide attention.

As Europeans we are dedicated to support the on-going talks which should lead to a final status agreement. Europe is dedicated to offer whatever support, so the talks continue and a comprehensible and sustainable solution for both Israelis and Palestinians can be found. Although international interest and involvement might be a compelling force, it however does not guarantee success as such. Past negotiations have shown the complexity of the conflict and have underlined the challenges for all stakeholders involved.

We therefore would like to seize the opportunity to hold a panel discussion together with Members of the European Parliament and external Middle East Experts in order to discuss the lessons learned from previous rounds of peace negotiations and the challenges for the on-going process as well as the role the European Union and its member states could and should play in the current Middle East Peace Process.

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Brussels, European Parliament Room PHS7, C 050


  • Meir Sheetrit
    • Dr Hans-Gert Pöttering
      • MEP Vorsitzender der KAS
    • Massimo d’Alema
      • Michael Gahler
        • MEP
      • Dr Martin Beck
        • KAS Jordanien
      • Andrea Amato
        • IMED
      • Pier Antonio Panzeri
        • MEP


      Europas Rolle im Nahost-Friedensprozess: High-Level Dialogue
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