Here we are presenting selected books, tools for journalists and working papers, covering topics about media in South East Europe.

A Field Guide to "Fake News" and Other Information Disorders

The guide explores the use of digital methods to study false viral news, political memes, trolling practices and their social life online.

Publication | January 2018 | Public Data Lab & First Draft

Investigative Reporting: A user's manual

Manual for investigative journalists

Book | November 2017 | CIN BiH

Reconnecting with citizens - from values to big data: Communication of governments, the EU and political parties in times of populism and filter bubbles

Publication on political communication trends

Book | October 2017 | KAS Media Program South East Europe

Reporting Crisis in South East Europe: Case Studies in Six SEE Countries

Report series on crises reporting

Reports | August 2017 | SEENPM

Measuring media realities. Media Clientelism Index 2016

Media Clientelism Index assesses the situation in 6 countries of South East Europe

Report | March 2017 | Munir Podumljak

Models of public service media in SEE

Comparison between funding and governing models of the public service media in the countries of South East Europe

Report | December 2016 | SEE Media Observatory

Digital Sustainability

Study on the needs of online local media in Serbia and Croatia

Report | October 2016 | OSCE

The necessity for reinventing the editors’ role as guardians of media integrity

The report is a regional overview of the recently conducted national research on the role of editors in six countries in the region.

Reports | November 2016 | SEENPM

Captured News Media: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro

Publication on political influences and business interests in B&H, Serbia and Montenegro

Report | June 2016 | CIMA

Kosovo: Ethical Media Audits and Guidelines for Quality Journalism

The report arises from a visit to Prishtina and covers a series of interviews and meetings with Kosovo media leaders.

Report | April 2016 | UNESCO-EJN Programme Building Trust in South East Europe and Turkey and Mission to Kosovo

Safety Net Manual for journalists

The book contains guidelines for journalists in extraordinary or emergency situations.

Book | February 2015 | South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO)

Influence on the Media: Owners, Politicians and Advertisers

The book offers results of a study on pressure from owners, politicians and advertisers on Bulgarian journalists and proposals for improvements in the Bulgarian media sector.

Book | November 2014 | KAS Media Program

Entrepreneurial Journalism Handbook

The handbook is written for journalists who want to become self-employed and develop their own business model on the Internet.

Handbook | September 2014 | KAS Media Program

Recommendations for journalistic education in South East Europe

The principles were formulated within the "Journalistic Education" Task Force of the Media Program South East Europe of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS).

Working Paper | July 2014 | KAS Media Program

Media integrity matters

The publication provides information on the democratic development of media systems in the countries of South East Europe.

Book | June 2014 | SEE Media Observatory

Legal Leaks Toolkit

The toolkit is designed for journalists, bloggers and other information professionals who need to get access to information held by public bodies for their stories.

Handbook | June 2014 | Access Info Europe & n-ost

Recommendations for Press Councils

Experts from South East Europe, the Netherlands and Germany have formulated principles of conduct for press councils.

Working Paper | March 2014 | KAS Media Program & "Article 10 ECHR" Task Force

The right to freedom of expression and information under the European Human Rights system: towards a more transparent democratic society

Paper by Dirk Voorhoof

Working Paper| February 2014 | European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies and Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom

Soft Censorship: Strangling Serbia's Media

The report shows that soft censorship in Serbia is pervasive and translates state financial power through media subsidies and advertising placements into political pressures that influence media content.

Report | February 2014 | World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) & Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) in cooperation with the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN)

Assisting media democratisation after low-intensity conflict: The case of Macedonia

The paper offers an analysis of media development in relation to international media assistance in the Republic of Macedonia.

Analysis | January 2014 | Analitika – Center for Social Research & CRPM - Center for Research and Policy Making, 2013

Limited assistance for limited impact: international media assistance in Albania

The paper draws a picture of the main trends in international assistance to Albanian media, focusing on strategies, approaches, and aims.

Working paper | January 2014 | Analitika – Center for Social Research & Albanian Media Institute (AMI)

Media Reforms in Turbulent Times: The Role of Media Assistance in the Establishment of Independent Media Institutions in Serbia

This paper explores the development of independent media institutions in Serbia, from the mid-90s until today.

Working Paper | January 2014 | Analitika – Center for Social Research

Minorities and Media in the Western Balkans

The book introduces main findings of the research project "Minorities and Media in the Western Balkans", which analyzed national minority media and programs for

national minorities in four countries in the Western Balkan region. The project detects and describes the main problems in the operation of these media in relation to journalistic, social, political and financial challenges.

Book | June 2013 | Media Plan Institute

Reporting on interreligious and interethnic tensions: The meaning behind the headlines

The publication covers main findings of research project on values of cultural diversity and intercultural communication in the Macedonian society.

Book | June 2013 | School of Journalism and Public Relations and the Institute for Communication Studies

Professional Journalism and Self-regulation: New Media, Old Dilemmas in South East Europe and Turkey

The book examines the implementation of media accountability mechanisms created, operated and followed by media professionals on a voluntary basis.

Book | October 2013 | UNESCO

Croatia: A dynamic evolvement of media policy

Media policy in Croatia has been evolving as a result of the transitional systemic changes that have deeply affected the character and functioning of the media and other communication processes.

Book | October 2013 | Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy

Indicators for measuring media freedoms in the countries members of the Council of Europe

Assessment of the level of media freedom in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Report | 2012 | Press Council in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Digging Deeper

A guide for investigative Journalists in the Balkans.

Book | February 2012 | Sheila Coronel

Political Communication Management – fundamentals and concepts

The book includes selected contributions of the German language research about conditions, fundamentals and strategic concepts of political communication.

Book | October 2011 | KAS Media Program

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